10 Quick Tips for Taking Better Photos With Your iPhone

10 Quick Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your iPhone

Photography is a part of human life — it’s how each of us documents our lives and memories. It’s also an art form, one that lends itself well to various perspectives and photographers, making it one of the most popular forms of art in modern society.

With the rise of the iPhone camera, photography has never been more accessible to the public. By having a camera with you at all times, you can capture great images and share them instantly online. This has led to a burgeoning photography community that sees amateur photographers find their photography perspective and grow as artists.

Creating Stunning Images Has Never Been Easier

With every new version of the iPhone camera that comes out, good pictures become easier to take. The iPhone camera is so good at taking great photos now that it has begun replacing DSLR and digital cameras for many photographers.

If you’re a photographer who uses their iPhone camera but are interested in improving your skills, the tips listed below are for you. With a focus on improving the actual raw photograph you capture, these tips serve as a guide for taking striking photographs the first time, every time.

1. Use the Grid for Better Compositions

The iPhone comes equipped with a grid that lies within the camera frame. It’s used to help photographers frame their composition following the “rule of thirds,” which is the idea that a photograph with a subject that lies just outside the center square of the frame creates an arresting image that captures the attention of its viewer.

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You can equip the grid by going into the camera settings on your iPhone and turning it on. The grid will appear as nine boxes, allowing you to see clearly where in the frame your subject lies.


2. Take Advantage of Negative Space to Frame a Subject

Don’t be afraid of negative space in your photographs. Negative space, like the sky or a simple background, draws your viewer’s eye to your subject. It keeps the photograph focused on your subject and not on distracting elements, which can lessen the impact that a photograph has.

Practice taking a photograph of a friend in a doorway or against a solid wall. You’ll notice that your friend stands out in the picture because there’s nothing to distract the viewer from looking at them.

That’s the idea behind negative space, and it’s a trick that all professional photographers use.

3. Turn Off the Flash and Turn on HDR for Optimal Lighting

The iPhone camera is not built for artificial lighting, but there is a way to get around it. You’ll first have to turn off automatic flash, which washes out a subject, and turn on HDR – high dynamic range imaging — for better lighting in your photographs.

Using HDR instead of flash makes your photograph lighting look more natural than the harsh light of focus, so practice using it for indoor photographs when you are more likely to use artificial light.

4. Use Burst Mode for Moving Subjects

If you’re shooting a subject that’s moving, like a car, then activate burst mode. This mode takes several photographs within seconds, allowing you to choose the best photograph from the set. It’s also a great way to capture an image without the blur effect, keeping your subject clear and focused in the shot.

5. Follow the Leading Lines for Striking Images

Leading lines are lines, both figurative and literal, that help lead a viewer’s line of sight.

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Find lines to build compositions around for images that capture your viewer’s attention and provide a sense of movement to a still image.


6. Shoot During the Golden Hour for Outdoor Photography

A simple rule for all outdoor photography is to shoot during the “golden hour” — the hour right after the sun rises and right before it sets. These photographs benefit from the diffused light the sun gives off during these times, giving your photographs a nice warm glow.

7. Lock Focus and Exposure Before Taking a Photo

The iPhone camera comes with the option for you to lock both focus and exposure before taking a shot. By using this feature, your photos will come out bright and sharp, so take the time to do it before shooting your photograph.

To lock focus and feature, set up your shot and touch the area in the shot where you want to lock exposure and focus. For the best photograph, lock this feature on your subject. Press down on your iPhone until it pulses three times, and then take the picture.

8. Use the Crop Feature Instead of Zoom For Crisp Pictures

A professional photographer will tell you never to use the zoom on a camera, and the same rule applies to the iPhone camera. Using the zoom feature will create a pixelated and unclear image, which is something that can’t be fixed in editing.

Instead, focus on taking a great composition of the subject and crop it in editing. This method helps you keep the photo crisp while getting the exact composition that you want.

9. Clean Your iPhone Lens Daily

Your iPhone camera lives in your pocket or purse, and it collects dust that impacts your photo quality. To clean it, take a soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe your iPhone lens.

You will find that your photos will be sharper immediately after cleaning, so do it regularly.


10. Use Vantage Points or Low Angles to Create Impact

The iPhone camera is great because its size lets it go places other cameras can’t go, like in corners or flush against the ground. Take advantage of its size and experiment with very low and unusual angles. Your photographs will pop because of the unique perspective.

Using your iPhone’s camera to capture gorgeous photography is possible with the help of the above tips. Consistently practicing them will help you improve your photography over time, ensuring that every photography tells the story that you intended it to tell. Remember, photography is about the story you tell within the frame, and learning tips to take better pictures will help you tell that story.

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