17 Street Photography Tips From The Professionals

The city is a diverse and exciting place to get tons of great photos. It’s literally a hotbed of activity. Take some great photos with a few tips that will help you maximize your photo shoot.

The main idea is that you want to plan as much as possible. The more you plan, the better impromptu shots you’ll snag.

1. Get an Eye for Photography and Composition
Take time to prepare before your photo shoot, and you’ll render much better photos. Do a few dry runs to see if you can begin obtaining an eye for good composition. Take a look at your photos to see where you could have utilized space better or created better subject lines throughout your photos.

2. Stake Out Your Spots
Don’t jump into your photo shoot blind. Stake out a few spots to ensure you snag the best places for your photo shoot. Visit your desired locations on the exact day of the week you plan on photographing. This way you’ll have a better idea of the size of crowds on a specific day. Check to see if there are any festivals or special events happening on your photo shoot day; if so, then your photos will be better. Yet your photo plan can include bigger crowds.

3. Look for Shapes
Don’t look at what is in front of your eyes in plain sight. Look for abstract shapes and colors in the city. Note how a building creates a shadow that casts onto the sidewalk. Allow your eyes to fall out of focus to notice the way a subway grate looks more like an abstract grid.

4. Remove the Autofocus Setting
Similarly, you should remove your camera’s autofocus setting, so you’re not relying on the little boxes to find your subjects. You’ll be able to find new subjects by looking through the viewfinder or lens and discovering new ways to look at the world.

5. Look for Obvious Shots
There are some pretty crazy subjects all over the city! Find interesting people, like the street performer or the sitar player. Like attracts like, so you’ll find tons of other interesting people in the area too.
6. Discover Hidden Parallels
Is there a public housing unit across the street from a high-end private school? Do you see a homeless man and a wealthy business man sitting next to each other on the train in the same position? Look for societal juxtapositions.

Mix and match these techniques to get photos that look great and have plenty of depth. The number one rule to street photography is to plan well in advance. This is a situation where an ounce of planning goes a long way.

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