21 Urban Photography Skills to Master (2 of 3)

This is part 2 of 3 for urban photography skills to master.

Our goal with this series is to help aspiring photographers improve their urban photography skills.

8. Seek Out Shadows

Strong light and shadow make for good photography.

21 Urban Photography Skills to Master using shadows

Photo: Brett Whysel

The light of early morning and late afternoon is good for attractive images.

9. Check The Whole Scene

Look at both the background and foreground before shooting. Interesting backgrounds create a layered effect and a better photo.

10. Stay in Place

When you are lucky enough to find a good place stay put for a while. Shoot on and off as people and objects change.

11. Check Your Geometry

Some of the finest street imagery is to be found in the clean lines of buildings and public architecture.

If you get the angle right, the result is worth the contortions.

12. Don’t Get All the Gear

New photographers often feel that they need lots of gear at all times. Good street photography does not need lots of gear.

Don’t take more than you really need with you. Most of the time this means one camera with one lens.

13. Become a Ninja

Part of being unnoticed is to be unseen. This often means dressing plainly in dull colored clothing.

You want people’s eyes to slide off you. Think just like a ninja of old. It is quite fun.

14. Avoid People

Sometimes just getting away from humanity in town makes for a great image.

Seek out old store fronts, empty building, or other unused places.


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