21 Urban Photography Skills to Master (3 of 3)

This is part 3 of 3 for urban photography skills to master.

Our goal with this series is to help aspiring photographers improve their urban photography skills.


15. Find Random Objects

Household objects in odd spots are almost always interesting. Lonely chairs are a favorite of many. Here’s a great example with a bicycle.

21 Urban Photography Skills to Master (3 of 3)

16. Find Yourself in the Scene

Sometimes putting yourself into the scene is the best way to go. Creative selfies using your shadow or a reflection can help to humanize otherwise cold or empty scenes.

17. Start Local

Before thinking about driving to a new place take a walk around your own home turf. As it is a place you know well you will be able to think of interesting places to stake out.

18. Don’t Ask Permission

Asking permission may make you feel more secure at first. But the images will not be as interesting.


© Cocu (Chen) Liu

People who are doing their own thing are much more interesting.

19. Take Your Shots in RAW

RAW files allow for much more tweaking and adjustment than even the best JPG file. This can be helpful if the lighting isn’t perfect when the shot is captured.

20. Think of Art Instead of Practical Photos

Street photography is all about catching the mood of a scene. It should not worry too much about being technically perfect.

Flaws and imperfections are part of the process.

21. Become One With Your Own Creativity

Give the same camera and the same street to five people and you will get five very different results.

Study the work of others for inspiration. Just remember to keep your own voice.

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